The Evolution of The Stylelife Community is Here!
THE DIGITAL WINGMAN brings you LIVE, 24-hour-a-day advice from Stylelife coaches and members!
It took over a year to develop and find the right tech...
But it was worth it.

 The Digital Wingman has arrived.
Instant Feedback = Instant Results

Stylelife's Digital Wingman
Advice and Instruction at Your Fingertips
LIVE 24-Hours-A-Day From Any Mobile Device
*Just $9.99 per month with your Stylelife Membership!
(FREE for Private Coaching Students)

Level up your skills and make your practice perfect
Have you ever had a conversation that went absolutely perfectly? 

Your approach was natural.

You sparked instant attraction.

You had the ideal energy.

You complimented each other well.

You had tons of things to talk about.

You laughed all night.

It wasn’t even a question that you would see each other again...

Do you know why you don’t have more of those amazing conversations?

Because it’s difficult to know what to say at the right moment all the time.

Often, it’s difficult just to approach a new person.

For many people, it’s absolutely terrifying.

You understand the basics...

You know how to approach someone new...

You even know some great conversation topics...

But you don't know how to put it all together the right way each time.

That takes practice. 

That takes a team.

That takes a wingman.

In the early days of The Game, we almost NEVER went out without a wingman. 
  • A wingman is a friend.
  • A wingman is a support.
  • A wingman is an encyclopedia of knowledge.
  • A wingman is a self-evaluation tool.
  • A wingman is a kick in the pants when you need it!

It's safe to say that the real secret to our success in the early days of The Game was the team of guys we had around us, pushing us and challenging us to get better.

I wish you could experience what it was like to have a group of people dedicated to having fun, helping each other, and improving.

*Style with Wingman Mystery

But No Wingman Is Perfect...

Everyone has sticking points and areas of expertise.

Everyone has their own style that may or may not work well with your personality.

And no single wingman can know everything.

Unless he is a Digital Wingman:

Imagine having 1000 different friends and coaches as your wingman at all times.

Imagine that they could collectively answer any possible question you had, INSTANTLY.

That would change The Game forever.

And we just did it.

Welcome to the Stylelife Digital Wingman Group

This is an invitation only LIVE interactive attraction Q&A group that that sends messages directly to your phone.

Our students have been asking us for years to create a more interactive forum, but those free web based forums and technology just aren't useful or convenient any more.

We had to UPGRADE.

So we found a better way.

A smarter way.

A more effective way.

The Digital Wingman Group allows you to communicate with the Stylelife students and coaches, including Neil - any time, any place, right on your phone.

No questions are off limits in the group and you can find the best answer to any and every situation you come across.

All your questions answered in REAL-TIME:
  • How should I approach? 
  • What should I talk about?
  • How should I answer her?
  • How I can deal with this situation?
  • What should I do next?
  • How can I escalate?

*For Stylelife Academy Students ONLY
Find local wingmen in your area and hit the field together to keep each other motivated!

Regions include:

Even more fun, you get to help men and women around the world become their best, most attractive selves by giving other Stylelife Academy students your own best advice.
You know the old phrase: the best way to learn something is to teach it.

Well now you can.

Ever wanted to be a Stylelife Coach? 
Here is your chance.

(And know that we'll be watching for the best talent out there.)

This Is BY FAR The Most Exciting Program for coaching and community we Have EVER Created!

  • Send texts, photos and multimedia for realtime improvement.
  • Get coaching and feedback straight to your phone.
  • Use your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8 or desktop to communicate  with the Stylelife Community.
  • Learn from other students who are out there practicing everyday.
  • Share location with other people in order to find local students to practice with.
  • Get instant answers from students and coaches when you’re out practicing.
  • Communicate directly with other students without having to jump on a forum.
  • Talk across countries, wireless carriers, or data networks with students from around the world.
  • Get the best material from using a coach moderated communication channel for support.
  • Find out the best places to take dates and meet people by keeping in contact with the Stylelife Community.

LIVE coaching and advice any time you want it.

A worldwide crew of wingmen working together to make each other better.

Motivation to practice, analyze, and improve.

Accountability to ensure you push yourself.

The ability to help others succeed.

We Can't Allow Just Anyone Into This Top Secret Community

The Stylelife Digital Wingman Group is ONLY open to current Stylelife Academy private coaching students. 

Our Private Coaching Students Get:

  • One on One Calls With a Stylelife Coach
  • Exclusive LIVE Webinars with Neil Strauss and Stylelife Coaches
  • Instant Access To the Digital Wingman Group!
  • And So Much More...

All this for just $52 per month...

But if you haven’t upgraded your membership to private coaching yet, there’s still a way you can get in during the launch, which will be available only until we reach capacity...

If you want to get in on the group right away, you can join in during the launch for just a $9.99 upgrade - literally the price of two large Starbucks lattes.

That's a savings of over $40 per month!

Not only is it a $40 savings from the regular price, but $9.99 is an incredible deal, considering all the extra coaching hours that we will be putting in on the app.

 (And considering that people pay 100x that for just one piece of life-changing advice from Neil!)

How much would live dating advice from Neil Strauss be worth to you?

This offer is only good during the Digital Wingman launch. 

We want every one of our members to have the chance to experience this revolutionary moment in attraction training. 

For the next few days, you can get instant access to the Digital Wingman Group, at a massive savings.

This offer expires soon.

Don't pay 5 times as much for this next week.  If you want to be a part of Digital Wingman, then you need to sign up right now.

As soon as you sign up, you will be given instructions on how to join the group on your phone.

This is your chance to be a founding member of Stylelife's Digital Wingman Group.

  • No more crappy free forums that take weeks to get an answer back.
  • No more going it alone night after night.
  • No more running out of things to say.
  • No more wondering what you’re doing wrong. 
  • No more panicking when you get turned down.
  • No more giving up when things get tough.
  • Now you have a team.
  • Now you have a Digital Wingman 24 hours a day.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Just like our regular offers, we have the same awesome 30-Day Money Back Guarantee as always.

Don't like the getting live seduction advice 24 hours a day? 
It's free.

Are we crazy?

No, we're just so confident that you are going to LOVE being a part of the brand new Digital Wingman Group and seeing all the new Stylelife seduction material that you're going to realize that this is one of the best investments you have ever made in your social life and in your self.
Ready To Be My Wingman?
What Are You Waiting For?
The Greatest Breakthrough in Seduction is at Your Fingertips.  Join Us Now To Take Your Game To A Whole New Level.

This new Digital Wingman group is seriously the most fun we have had in YEARS!

P.S. Just in case it seemed too good to be true, it's not. Let me be clear: $9.99 per month gets you access to the entire Stylelife community, including Neil Strauss himself and the Stylelife coaches, 24-hours a day for LIVE advice and comments at a $40 monthly savings!

P.P.S. The following offer is only available for a short time, so if you are not a current private coaching student, there will never be a better deal to get in.

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to call us:

Toll-Free Member Services Support: +1 (888) 843-4362
International Member Services Support: +1 (310) 928-7895

If you close this page, you will have to pay 4x the price to try out the Digital Wingman Group.

From now on, success with women is as easy as swiping right.

Together we are going to make this the most memorable time of your life.

See you in the new Digital Wingman Group!


And remember, you never know who may be answering...

Welcome to Stylelife's Digital Wingman!
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