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The Most Interesting Guy In The Room

Can I Tell You Something That Changed My Life Forever?

The art of attraction is a logical process and system of steps to build social value.

The first step is OPENING.

The next step is reaching the HOOK POINT and Demonstrating Higher Value (abbreviated DHV).

A HUGE part of becoming good at socializing and dating is just flat out being INTERESTING!

That's what DHV routines do for you automatically.

People go out to have fun, not to talk to someone boring.

Boring is not attractive.

When you tell a great story or perform a DHV correctly you'll experience what we call hitting THE HOOK POINT.

This means that you've succeed at being INTERESTING.

Imagine approaching a group of women...

At first they act defensive because every night they're interrupted by dozens of boring, cheesy, creepy people. 

Their instinct is to reject  unattractive, uninteresting people. 

(And it's the same for everyone. If someone's not interesting who wants to be around them?)

You start a conversation with your opener and it gets them talking, but you're still a stranger. You're just someone who said one interesting thing. They still don't necessarily want you sticking around.

Now you run your Demonstration of Higher Value. And after you perform it correctly (keep that part in mind) something magical happens...

The group isn't wondering to themselves when you're going to leave. They aren't sending eye signals to each other to make sure everyone is OK. They're opening up to the possibility that you're interesting.

They're having FUN! And you're the source of that fun. If you try to leave now they'll beg you to stay. Now, when you speak they give you their attention. They do their best to keep the conversation with you going. They don't want the fun to end!

This is THE HOOK POINT! The moment that these women no longer wonder if you might be boring or a creep and start thinking that you are...

The Most Interesting Guy In The Room

If you've never experienced THE HOOK POINT or have trouble reaching it consistently, it means you're not Demonstrating Higher Value correctly.

If you're ready to learn the right way to Demonstrate High Value, Neil Strauss has you covered.

Neil put his most advanced DHV techniques together into a single course, our best-selling course of all time, “The Most Interesting Guy In The Room.” 

And we're releasing all the uncensored material here in digital format for the first time...

Are You Ready To Be More Interesting...


In case you don't remember...
The Most Interesting Guy In The Room

It was the course that changed everything for many Stylelife students as they learned for the first time exactly how to put it all together and own any room.


The Game Has Changed, and so has Stylelife.

The entire world knows about The Game and the old routines and techniques of traditional PUA.

Society changed as well.

So did their perspective of the PUA Community.

It’s a whole new world of attraction and seduction.
The knowledge, techniques, mindset and language of pick-up had to change.

You can't just use a bunch of pick up lines and expect it to work.  All the old lines are old news.

Now you have to learn the art of demonstrating high value.

That's exactly what this course is going to teach you, and show you how to have an incredible amount of fun doing it.

The Most Interesting Guy In The Room
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I'm Releasing My Best Material One More Time...

Powerful Psychological Breakthroughs Show You How To Annihilate Insecurity and Transform Into The Strong, Confident, and Charismatic Person That Can Attract Anyone...
Are You Demonstrating High Value?
Are You Interesting?

This training will teach you how to be...

The Most Interesting Man In The Room

Digital Collector's Edition

Inside The Digital Edition You'll Learn:

  • DVD 1. "Style on Eternal Attraction Principles and Concepts": Style's rules and routines that make a woman chase you. In this video tutorial he will teach you his phases of demonstrating high value. Using his eternal attraction principles you'll never end up in the friend zone again. And, he reveals some new never before released attraction routines. -$47 value, 30min. run time
  • DVD 2. "Esoterica: A Mysterious and Powerful DHV ": Astrology and cold reading are two of the most powerful DHVs you can use to build social value. They tap into the unknown and people's connection to the universe and lead to endless conversation. -$47 value, 39min. run time
  • DVD 3. "Style Takes Your Game to The Next Level": The author of the book on game gives you his method for building your inner game up so that your own personality ultimately becomes a DHV. Plus, he shows you how to avoid low value mistakes and gives you even more PUA routines he personally created, tested, and perfected. As an added BONUS, this DVD contains hidden camera footage of a real pick-up, it's a MUST SEE. -$47 value, 45min.
  • DVD 4. "Generate Your Own Effective DHV Routines": After the opener runs its course what do you say next? What are the smooth lines, routines, and attraction games you need to build high social value. In this video tutorial Stylelife coach The Sneak gives you the tools to constantly create new DHVs so you never run out of material for generating conversation and attraction. -$47 value, 44min.
  • DVD 5. "Be Strong": Remember the ultimate goal is to turn yourself into a walking, talking, breathing DHV. For ultimate attraction success you need to become socially strong. Someone who's decisive, adaptable and sticks to their guns. This DVD will help you get there. -$47 value, 36min.
  • BONUS 1 - Instant Access to Neil's newest audio program on Inner Game. You learn the deepest lessons that every man must learn to go from good to great in all areas of your life, and especially in seduction.  Your deep inner fears and anxieties are holding you back from being the attractive person you were meant to be, and the people around you can see it a mile away.  Neil will share with you the essential lessons he learned from his $50,000 in therapy and recovery, and they will shock you. You will not be the same person. - $499 value
  • BONUS 2 -  Style's Personal Training Program: Thirty (30) days of Stylelife Academy interactive online training with direct access to the Elite Forum and thousands of missions. You'll get to talk on the phone with Style himself in his monthly teleseminars. He'll take your questions and personally help you to develop your DHV routines so that they fit you! And, if you choose, you can continue your training on a month-to-month basis (no long-term commitment) -$100 value (for first-time Academy students only)
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The Complete Cold Readings Routine Handbook
These cold routines are what we kindly refer to as "Conversation Magnets".

It's information so interesting, so mind-blowing, and so deep that it draws people into conversation and allows them to open up instantly.

This is the exact information that Neil used to own any room and land date after date.

His personal black book of esoteric routines.

Completely raw, unedited, and extremely detailed.

The Game was written to educate a mainstream audience…

This book was written to document and break down the details of Style’s best routines.

What to say, how to say it, and when to use it.

Nothing was held back.

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  • BONUS 30-Day Free Trial of The Stylelife Academy *(for new students)
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  • BONUS Digital Copy of Style's Complete Cold Readings Routines Handbook *(for the first 50 buyers ONLY)
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