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I got their phone number, but now what do I do?

Why don't they answer my texts back?

Why do my dates keep flaking on me?

I tried everything but my relationships kept stalling out after our first conversation. I couldn't turn phone numbers into actual dates...

Until I understood the secrets of how to send texts and communicate in a way that builds instant EXCITEMENT and INTEREST. 

Do You Need Texts That Work?

The Stylelife Texting-To-Dating Course

Want to know exactly why you're not going on more dates?

Your texts and digital game are not creating excitement in the other person's mind.

Getting a date is a logical process and system of steps to build interest in the date.

The first step is seeding the date. This means making sure that there's a date set up before you even get the number.

The next step is reaching the commitment.  Making sure that the date has a time and place, and that they've agreed to show up. It's a move that will eliminate flaking.

A BIG part of getting past the first text and getting a date is knowing how to make them excited about seeing you. 

Once they're excited, the final step is becoming an artful texter who can write in a way that excites and connects with someone on many levels.

Once you write this way your texts will get your date thinking about you all day long.

That's what our Texting-To-Dating Course will do for you automatically.

People go out to have fun, do exciting things, and gain new experiences. 

If your digital game doesn't excite them, then you won't hear back.

When you know what to text or say on the phone to generate excitement, you'll get a date without fail.

This means that you've peaked their INTEREST.

Here is what someone typically does after they get a potential date's phone number... 

First you wait the obligatory 3 days to contact them.  (You've probably already made a key mistake by this time)

Then you text a meaningless "hey" or "what's up" to see if they respond.  (here's the 2nd mistake - a boring topic or no topic at all to get them excited to talk to you.)

Next you triy to engage them in a conversation by text. You respond to whatever they says and try to keep the conversation going. 

It may seem to be going well, but then suddenly the other person stops responding:

You worry that you said something wrong.  You want to send more messages to clarify or fix your mistake, but you don't even know if it was a mistake. 

Maybe their phone ran out of battery?
Maybe they're watching a movie?
Maybe they're chatting with some other potential date?

A an hour passes and you start to panic...

You either say nothing and just wait it out, checking your phone a bit too often, or you text them a bunch of information to try to get them to respond, but even if they do respond, it's not with much enthusiasm. 

Your conversation has died.  

But it doesn't have to be this way.  You can avoid these major mistakes that most guys make every time.

The Stylelife Texting-To-Dating Course

Our newest course is going to take you through every step of the communication process to make sure you get a second chance. 

*How to be irresistible on Tinder – learn the tricks to a perfect profile that gets up to 90 new matches per week.

*Learn how to set up a date and get a number - the perfect way to "seed" your prospects. 

*How to set up the date - our two favorite ways to get someone so excited about seeing you again that they will never flake. 

*What to text the first time - the magic phrase that gets responses nearly 100% of the time.

*Where to take a date- Find out the unique places that will ensure a good time and a good story for your date.

*What to say before the date - Learn the two big NO-NO phrases that you should never text, and see our top field tested texts that work like a charm.

*How to make your dates don't flake -Two foolproof ways you can recover a girl who's already flaked, including Neil's never-before-revealed technique. 

*How to keep communication strong after - Get access to our secret texting swipe file: choose from tons of guaranteed-successful prewritten texts that have been field tested by our coaches. 

If you've never experienced how quickly you can set up a date, or have trouble setting them up consistently, it means you're not generating excitement correctly.

If you're ready to learn the right way to text and communicate, Neil Strauss and Stylelife have you covered.

Neil, and the Stylelife coaches have put their most advanced texting techniques together into a single course, our first ever course on Texting and Online Dating.

And we're releasing all the uncensored material here in digital format for the first time...

Are You Ready To Get More Dates? 


Here's the way it works...

From the moment you meet someone new, you have to have a game plan to build attraction and generate excitement.

This can be very difficult to do over text because most people don't have a plan. 

Or perhaps you're meeting someone on an online dating app like Tinder or - you have to know how to immediately get them to commit to a date, or you may never actually meet them in real life and all that communicating ends up being a waste of time.

Neil has a technique called SEEDING. 
Seeding allows you generate excitement and interest instantly so they are actually looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible. 

The Right Text Can Change Everything

Inside the course we're going to show you exactly what to say every step of the way. 

You'll learn the best way to seed your date.

You'll learn the hottest ways to open your text so your nearly guaranteed a reply. 

You'll learn our absolute best texting and phone routines.

You'll learn what you're doing wrong on your online profile.

You'll learn the kind of dates that will automatically generate excitement and attraction...

You can't just use a bunch of old pick up lines and expect it to work.  Cell phones and website are a whole new world of communication, and they require new strategies.

If you don't learn them, you'll waste months getting nowhere.

Maybe you already have. 

Now it's time to learn the art of digital communication.

That's exactly what this course is going to teach you, and show you how to have an incredible amount of fun doing it.

Stylelife's Texting-To-Dating Course
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I'm Releasing My Best Texting & Tinder Material Right Now...
Are You Turning Texts Into Dates?
Is They Excited to See You?

This training will teach you how to do it easily.

Stylelife's Texting-To-Dating

Online Video Course

Inside The Video Series You'll Learn:

  • How to text someone from a dating app or online service: Learn the easiest and quickest way to get quality online responses.
  • How to text someone from a cold approach: The absolute best way to open your cold approaches and leave them wanting more.
  • How to seed a date: Use the exact phrase our coaches use to increase your chances of a date with no risk of flaking.
  • Where and how to meet up for dates: We’ll show you the places that they’ll be so excited to go to with you that they'll likely be contacting you to be sure the date happens.
  • Effective logistical date planning: avoid the mistakes that most beginner’s make that can blow the whole date.
  • How to make phone calls that lead to dates: don’t make a call without a goal. This will teach you how to set up the date with a few precise sentences.
  • What to do with Facebook/Email Contacts: The virtual approach can be really tough, so we’ve broken it down for you for the best results possible.
  • How to get people to show up for events: Developing an active social circle is one of the best ways to meet and attract romantic partners, that's why we break down how to set up and invite people to your social events.
  • Keeping in contact after the relationship becomes intimate: Get our proven strategies for keeping the fire stocked so hot that’s they'll be ready for anything.
  • Texts for fun that keep the interaction going: Find out how to banter with lines that will keep your conversation fresh and fun.
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Just like our regular member's area, we have the same awesome 30-Day Money Back Guarantee as always. 

If you're not absolutely satisfied with your course or your 30-day trial, just email or call us within your first 30 days and we'll promptly and courteously refund you.

You can even keep the course.

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Texting is not going away. 

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