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The Most Interesting Person In The Room

Can I Tell You Something That Changed My Life Forever?

Improving your social intelligence to improve your social life and dating life is a logical process and system of steps to based around building social value.

The first step is OPENING.

The next step is reaching the HOOK POINT and Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV).

A HUGE part of becoming good at socializing and dating is just flat out being INTERESTING!

That's what DHV stories and routines do for you automatically.

People go out to have fun, not to talk to someone boring.

Boring is not attractive.

In fact, according to research, if you're boring, it will negatively affect your long term relationships as well.

Want a relationship that stands the test of time?  You must use humor, fun, and creativity.

So this literally might be the most important relationship skill you learn in your life....

Here's How It Works:

When you tell a great story or perform a DHV correctly you'll experience what we call hitting THE HOOK POINT.

This means that you've succeed at being INTERESTING.

Imagine approaching someone you're attracted to at a bar...

At first they act defensive because every night they're interrupted by dozens of boring, cheesy, creepy people. 

Their instinct is to reject unattractive, uninteresting people. 

(It's a pattern and it makes sense: If someone's not interesting who wants to be around them?)

You start a conversation with your opener and it gets them talking, but you're still a stranger. You're just someone who said one interesting thing. They still don't necessarily want you sticking around.

Now you run your Demonstration of Higher Value. And after you perform it correctly (keep that part in mind) something magical happens...

The group isn't wondering to themselves when you're going to leave. They aren't sending eye signals to each other to make sure everyone is OK. They're opening up to the possibility that you're really interesting.

They're having FUN! And you're the source of that fun. If you try to leave now they'll beg you to stay. Now, when you speak they give you their attention. They do their best to keep the conversation with you going. They don't want the fun to end!

This is THE HOOK POINT! The moment that they no longer wonder if you might be boring or a creep and start thinking that you are...

The Most Interesting Person In The Room

Here's the thing:

This isn't just essential for meeting (and impressing) new potential dates.

This skill is essential in all social situations with work, sales, speeches, presentations, in-laws, kids, conferences, social media - literally anything where other people's perceptions of you are important.

(And that's everywhere...)

It's even proven to be essential to long term relationships

If you've never experienced THE HOOK POINT or have trouble reaching it consistently, it means you're not Demonstrating Higher Value correctly. 

It also means, you haven't crafted your life stories in the right way.  You're telling them all wrong...

If you're ready to learn the right way to Demonstrate High Value, Neil Strauss has you covered.

A few years ago, Neil put his most advanced DHV techniques together into a single course, our best-selling course of all time, “The Most Interesting Guy In The Room.”  

That course changed thousands of men's lives forever. But that was just the beginner's course.  This time, he's releasing his most valuable social secrets and making it 100x more powerful.  

Neil is finally revealing his full L.E.G.E.N.D. system, (something he's only ever taught in person) as well as bringing in the top strategies from the world's top experts on social intelligence to help you custom tailor your own personal DHV stories

These are stories that no one will ever be able to tell but you.  So there is no more competition. There is just the LEGEND of YOU.

And we're releasing 12 HOURS of all new uncensored LIVE material here in digital format for the first time...

Are You Ready To Be More Interesting...


This is a Brand New Social Transformation method on pumping up your social value, mastering your social intelligence, and maximizing your social life...

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We're also including a the Ultimate High Value Storytelling Course taught by Neil's master storytelling coach, Evolve. 

And because we want you to get every drop of value we can from this course you'll also get our BEST SELLING COURSE EVER "The Most Interesting Guy In The Room (2014)" for FREE. 

In case you don't remember...

It was the course that changed everything for many Stylelife students as they learned for the first time exactly how to put it all together and level up their social intelligence.

You can't just use a bunch of pick up lines and expect it to work.  All the old lines are old news.

Awesome people want to get to know awesome people.

You have to be real.

You have to be your best self.

You have to spark real interest.

You have to learn the art of demonstrating high value.

That's exactly what this course is going to teach you, and show you how to have an incredible amount of fun doing it.

The Most Interesting Person In The Room
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The Most Interesting Person In The Room

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These HIGH VALUE STORIES are what we kindly refer to as "Conversational Magnets".

Your stories told in such an interesting way that it draws people into conversation and allows them to open up instantly.

This is the exact information that Neil used to own any room and land date after date.

Taught by Neil's most experienced coach.

This stuff is the secret information that makes the difference between a novice and an expert.

Most people jump into conversations without thinking about how they're presenting themselves.

They don't think about how every story they tell says something about them.

Tell one wrong story and the conversation or the date could be over.

We've all experienced it... You're having a great conversation, you seem to be building powerful rapport, then you say one wrong phrase and... suddenly she's lost interest.  

Knowing how to tell high value identity stories will allow you to glide through conversations with ease.

It will show you exactly what it takes to express who you are to someone so that they can get to know the real you.

Every story you tell will build your social value until the people around you are saying, "That is the most interesting person In this room."

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Just like our regular member's area, we have the same awesome 30-Day Money Back Guarantee as always, and that's on everything in your bundle. 

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Are You Ready To Be The Most Interesting Person In The Room?
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Here are just a few of the things you'll learn:
  •  How to dress to impress anyone in any room (taught by a world famous fashion coach). 
  •  How to tell your story so that it's funny and captivating. 
  •  How to turn the history of your life into the an unforgettable story.  
  •  The most common mistake people make when introducing themselves. 
  •  How to convey who you are so quickly and powerfully that it impresses any group of people. 
  •  How to replace boring conversation with world-class storytelling impact. 
  •  How your looks, reputation, words and actions define all your interactions with everyone you meet. 
  •  How to become aware of your social value (calibrate) and then boost it so you're the most interesting person in the room. 
  •   How to make a boring job sound fascinating.
  •  How to take the most mundane topics and transform them into memorable and meaningful conversations. 
  •  What it takes to raise the energy of any interaction so you can make a new friend, network more effectively or set up dates with the people you're interested in. 
  •  How to avoid conversational lulls and never run out of things to say again. 
  •  How to tell when you're relying too much on conversational habits, and then how to replace those habits with ones that boost your "social value" and build a more attractive mindset. 
  •  How to create multifaceted version of you in conversation so that you can participate and (at best) lead conversations. 
  •  Neil's techniques for creating unforgettable and legendary dates, events, and nights out. 
  •  How to avoid the normal and be the exception.
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