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Testimonial: Adam

"I feel like I have life back into me, when it comes to approaching people, I talked to more women in one night than I had in over a year."

Testimonial: Kieran 

"This is only the beginning of my journey to grow into my best self with confidence, courage, and influence. I have nothing to be nervous about and with these tools and skills I can accomplish so much more in anything I do."

Testimonial: Paul

"I'll keep it pretty simple, I've never had or done anything that has changed my world significantly like this has."
I’m Neil Strauss and I used to be exactly like you. 
Actually, I was worse. 
I was a pasty game-less nerd with no friends and absolutely no women chasing me around.

Women didn’t even want to talk to me.

I sent out all the wrong signals.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was putting out a vibe that totally pushed women and even potential friends away from me.

I was unconsciously telling everyone around me that I was weak, boring, and not a person of value.

And I had no idea that I was doing it.

I just knew that it was really hard to talk to women.  Sometimes it felt impossible.

I started to think that there was something wrong with me, that I could never be attractive to women or good in social situations.

I thought that I might have to settle for a boring life with boring relationships.

And I almost gave up.

But then one day I stumbled upon the most valuable secret that I have ever learned in my life.

I saw a bunch of average looking guys, some even uglier and pastier than me, talking to women like it was nothing.

And everyone was having a great time. 

In fact, everyone was loving it.

They were like the stars of the show, the life of every party.

They were having way too much fun and getting the numbers of way too many women.

At first I thought they must be rich.

Or famous.

Or both.

Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What I had stumbled upon was a secret community of regular guys who had learned the secrets to communicating with women, or to anyone for that matter, in social situations.

Their methods were so powerful that it could turn a pasty nerd like me into a mastermind of social situations. 

And it did so much more than that.

It changed my life forever.

What exactly changed my life?

I learned the fundamental principles of social dynamics.

A few simple rules that, when used correctly, can unveil the social matrix making you the master of your social fate.

I even wrote a book about it.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?

The Game was the first expose on this secret group of young men who had cracked the code of social psychology and female desire.

The book was an instant bestseller and launched an entire industry of dating coaches and wannabe attraction gurus.

At the center of it all was me, the writer of the story, and now the man considered to be the best pick-up artist in the world.

Not only could I talk to any woman I wanted and spark instant attraction, I discovered that I could talk to ANYONE.

It was so powerful that I started meeting and hanging out with rock stars, actors, business leaders, porn stars, best selling authors, and a lot of influential people in the media – famous names that we all know.

This wasn’t just about meeting women, although that part was really, really great, and led me to meeting and marrying the woman of my dreams.

It was about something even bigger.  Something that was just as powerful with a woman in a bar as it was with friends in social situations, or with a recruiter at a job interview.

I had discovered the secret to cracking the code of the social matrix.

And it didn’t just change my life, it changed the lives of all of my students as well.

Testimonial: Aaron

"Thanks for making such a huge impact on my life - you are helping men not just to become better lovers, but better people."

Testimonial: Ryan

"I can't say I've had an experience with such a profound reach into who I am, where I'm from, and where I'm going until this... It's the beginning of a new era."

Testimonial: Major

"Changed my life."
The social matrix determines almost everything we think about another person when we first meet them.  

This takes place in every situation you will ever encounter, even sitting at home on your couch.

The Social Matrix is everywhere.

Once you know how it works, and you follow the simple rules I have learned over the years as the world’s greatest pick-up artist, you will be able to be just as successful as me and my thousands of students have been.

These aren’t just parlor tricks and pickup lines, although you will learn the best routines to create social value and help you express the best version of you.

These are the exact tools, rules, and strategies that I implemented in my own life to get me to where I am today: the world’s most successful pick up artist, and now happily married to the woman of my dreams.

Let me ask you a question...
What if there was an instant solution that you could learn from the #1 social intelligence expert in the world that could make you better on dates and in all social situations tomorrow?

What if this strategy could double or triple the number of people that responded positively to you?

What if this strategy could help you not only in your dating life, but in all areas of your life?

Would you want to know what it is?

How would it change your life to master this strategy, and become the master of your destiny?

If there is one thing I have learned from the process of going from the world’s least attractive guy to the world’s top expert in social intelligence, it is that anyone can change.

Change takes time, and change takes practice, but anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can do it.

I have seen it with my own eyes with hundreds of clients and read the truth from thousands of testimonials.

The life you have always wanted to live is not going to be handed to you.

You have to take it for yourself.

You have to learn the rules and train yourself to be your best.

And then the best of life will come to you.

But believe me, who you learn from make a HUGE difference.

Who is your mentor?  

Is he more successful than you?  If not, then you need a new mentor.

The only true way to learn is to learn from someone better than you, and the BEST way to learn is to learn from the best expert in the field.

I happen to have made this my life’s goal, to be the best guy in the world at learning how the social matrix works.

And I have been incredibly, almost unbelievably, successful at it.

Who do you want to learn from?

If you want to learn from the best, then you’ve found it right here.  Congratulations.

Now start your journey.

You are here for a reason.

You are reading this for a reason.

You know that you can be better with people and on dates.

You know that you want to be better in social situations.

You’re sure that your life will improve with this information.

It’s not even a question.

Now you just need to take action.

Testimonial: Eric

"Ok, I've been a member of the Dating Master Program for about 2.5 months and ever since I signed up my life has changed drastically. Before reading THE GAME, I was as frustrated as they came. I couldn't land a date for the life of me. Before all this I had nothing, I just watched as really pretty girls would give me Indicator's of Interest and then pass me by. I also drank a lot in an attempt to lubricate social situations. And the friends I hung out with did the same and got nowhere. Now that I'm with SLA, my life has changed in incredible ways. After doing the meet the neighbors mission, I now know all of my neighbors and they love me (especially the attractive women that live in the hood) I meet really nice girls all the time. I've been out on dates and had amazing the amount of time I use to think was unobtainable! Every time I'm out I get Indicators of Interest from smoking hot babes! Even though I still have a few sticky points, I feel like I developed superpowers and can sense things about women that I wasn't able to before. My old friends have just melted away as I have become more social and I've met a lot of new friends. I used to suffer from social anxiety but that is pretty much gone. My sleep pattern is better from following the sleep diet. I am healthier from going to the gym. I've even developed my spirituality. I am reading a lot more especially about developing Demonstration of Higher Values. My grades at school are better and I feel great! I really start to tear up when I think of all the positive changes that the SLA has initiated me to change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
How Does It All Work?

The Stylelife Academy is nothing less than the culmination of over 10 years of in field research tried and tested by me and my personal team of social intelligence coaches, and refined to perfection for our students.

My courses are the most respected in their field and the most proven and tested of anything out there.

Every week you will get access to new material that you can put into practice immediately and start seeing results.

Here is just a fraction of what you will learn:

  •  Dealing With Limiting Beliefs
  • How To Set Up An Effective Practice Regimen
  • Self Esteem And Inner Game
  • Approach Anxiety
  • How To Approach From A Place Of Joy
  • Navigating The Social Matrix
  • Starting Conversations (Openers)
  • Flirting Through Disqualification
  • Beyond The Hook Point
  • Demonstrations Of Higher Value
  • Palm Reading
  • Emotional Connection And Rapport
  • Effective Number Closing
  • Setting Up Dates And Calls To Action
  • Mesmerizing Storytelling

Plus You'll Get Early Access To The All New Stylelife Coaching Series with the Stylelife Coaches
In Sneak Peak of the first video you will learn:
  • How to Create Your Own Fail Proof Classroom for Practicing Social Dynamics
  • The Perfect Way to Set Up Your Social Training System
  • The Best Tricks to Make Your Practice Efficient and Effective
  • The Key to Getting Yourself in the Habit of Regular Practice
  • The Do's and Do-Not's of Practice Like The Pros
As soon as you sign up, you will be taken into the brand new members area where you can watch Neil’s all new coaching videos and a sneak peak bonus video.

The New Stylelife Academy Includes:
  • Brand New Videos Series From Neil Unlocked Each Week
  • New Video Series From Evolve And Sneak 
  • New Materials
  • New Missions

I believe that learning the game should be open to anybody - not just those who can afford $5000 workshops.

And now that I'm not bound by the film option for The Game anymore, I'm free to help the guys who need it most.

So I've decided to offer this whole system for just $85.50 /month.

Everything I just described -- videos, missions, ebooks, the best of the best of the latest techniques -- will cost you the price of lunch for two at Denny's or your local diner.

Or Save BIG MONEY and Pay Quarterly and get 3 Months Worth of Content for one low price!

Every week new content will be unlocked for you in the monthly members’ area, but with the quarterly membership you will save money and get 3 months of life changing content right away for the unbelievably low price of $250.

Exclusive bonuses for Quarterly Members:
The Stylelife Cold Reading Handbook - $47 value!
Neil Strauss Stylelife Seduction Primer - $35 value!
100% Money Back Guarantee

Stylelife has the best guarantee in the industry, the same 30-Day Money Back, No Hassle Guarantee that we have always honored with our loyal customers.

We know you are going to love the new Stylelife Membership Course, so you can sign up with full confidence today and know that you are getting the best information backed by the best guarantee in the business.
Do you want to go back to your normal, boring, unfulfilling social life?

Do you want to go out and have the same old results again and again?

No phone numbers.

No engaging conversations.

No amazing new friends.

No love life that you can be proud of.

Don’t be that guy.

What Are You Waiting For?
The New Stylelife is at Your Fingertips.  Join Us Now To Take Your Game To A Whole New Level.

The Stylelife Academy is going to be your secret resource for super charging your social life.

So when you're at the club in a few weeks, dominating the social scene, and holding court with the most interesting people in the room who are absolutely captivated by your demeanor and confidence, you'll grin and thank Stylelife.

When you're walking away from that beautiful yet shy girl at the bookstore, her number safely in your cell phone, her sultry voice echoing in your ears, and the image of her demurely biting her lower lip burned in your mind, you'll thank Stylelife.

And, when you're at the coffee shop and stunning person workout clothing you just met is gently hitting your arm every time you make them laugh, and mischievously alluding to being "naughty" half an hour later, you'll set up a date with them for later that night and thank Stylelife!


Maybe you've dreamed about the kind of success you've read about in the field reports in "The Game", or the kind of success you've seen guys have at school, at work, on TV.

And the good news is that it doesn't take brain surgery to get there.

It just takes a mentor who's not only been there, but who after turning countless students into social superstars and knows how to take someone else there.

It is time for you to turn you into the kind of confident, experienced person who not only doesn't have trouble meeting and attracting dates anywhere anytime, but is actually in a position to possibly mentor other people in your life.

This revolutionary speed-learning program is meant to get you out in the cafes, bars, streets, clubs, subways, restaurants, hotels in the most risk-free way possible, with the biggest no-fail safety net there is -- which is me watching your back the whole way.
Would you be willing to give up lunch once a week to completely change the way the world sees you?

You can pass this up now if you think there's another deal out there that might better suit you, or you think you can find something better or even cheaper.

But that means that tomorrow is going to be the same as today is going to be the same as yesterday and every other day before it.

However, if you click on the "BUY" button now, then the adventure starts immediately and by this time tomorrow, your life will actually have taken a  sharp turn into a much more wonderful and exciting place.

This is one of those moments where your life really can change based on the decision you make right now.

If you put it off, you have no one to blame but yourself - again.
But if you go through with it, if you actually do this, you will be one of those guys with a life that everyone else wishes they had.

Remember: there is no risk. There is no downside. You can stop whenever you want. Life awaits. I await. She awaits.

Are you ready to invest into your future?

Stylelife has helped so many people change their lives. I urge you to take advantage of our many resources and I sincerely believe that we can help you reach your goals as well.

My best wishes for your success.

See you on the other side...

-Neil Strauss

P.S. It is always a good idea to follow your gut. If your gut instinct is telling you this is a good idea, then you should probably listen to it. You know you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by checking this out.

P.P.S. What if you don’t do it? The truth is… Nothing.

Your dating life and social life tomorrow will be exactly the same as they are today. You will still be struggling to figure out how to talk to potential dates and you’ll keep spinning your wheels going nowhere like you’ve been doing all along.

This is not meant to slight you, but considering that you have absolutely no risk by getting involved...isn’t it pretty obvious what you should do?

You’ll kick yourself if you don’t learn this strategy. Don’t miss out because you were one of those people who was afraid to make the sacrifice to change and really improve your life.

Stop struggling. Start succeeding, now.

We are, and we are loving life.

P.P.P.S. Thousands of people just like you have started and completed their transformations from AFC to Dating Master by taking this first step. Read what some of these Stylelife Academy graduates have to say about my Program:

I know it is nearly impossible for you to be reading this, but Style, if you are reading this, I just wanted to say thank you; you have no idea how much you have helped change my life. I have had dreams come true this year, and although I made it happen, you were my influence and invisible mentor.
From Mac - Stylelife Participant

WOW. Before this month, I had never approached a woman or been on a date. I just had three dates in three days and I have more numbers to follow up on.
From David - Stylelife Participant

I was unemployed at 1pm Tuesday. At around 1:30pm I sent out an application to be a music teacher.
At around 2pm the principle of that school invites me to be interviewed.
8:15am of Wednesday morning I'm shaking his hand after the words, "Welcome to the team" leave his mouth.
Thursday I signed my contract.
School starts Monday.
10 years ago I decided that I wanted to be a band teacher. My dream is realized. I have my dream job.
I would personally like to thank the Dating Master Program for giving me the tools to work on my confidence. I knew I had the job before the interview.
You guys... if you really put time and effort into your dreams, they will come true.
From  Dwite - Stylelife Student

Okay I must say I was a little skeptical of Dating Master Program....but the Dating Master Program is for real...Style and his team is 100% behind us. We are truly part of something amazing.
From Tom - Stylelife Participant

Let me just say that this has been probably the most pivotal month of my entire life. I look at things totally differently now, and have a great new attitude towards not just approaching and meeting women, but life in general. Everything from how I dress and groom myself, to how I interact with friends is changed. Even how I conduct my business, and how I've begun naturally chatting with random strangers, is all brand new and exciting. My confidence is sky-high.
From Joe  - Stylelife Participant

Style, Thanks for all this help ... The videos, audios, and pdfs rock. I have to say, from one teacher to another, 'You have a grasp of high standards and excellent materials.' ...When these things come together, then you appear to be a natural. Seeing it in person is very POWERFUL!!!
From Teach - Stylelife Participant

I already have a girlfriend, and I have no problems with girls. So why did I do the missions? Self-improvement. I must say, it has been an incredible boost, both to my self-confidence and to how others see me. I work as a waiter, and now customers are asking for me, girls are constantly approaching me, my tips are much bigger, and people want me to join their parties all the time. Everyone want to be with me and in my inner circle, and everyone notices how good I feel about myself -- and it wasn't like this before.

From Rick - Stylelife Participant

Thank you Neil... You'll be remembered for this forever. This is not just another book, or a seminar. This is a really BIG deal!! One day I'll shake your hand, and find a way to really thank you for changing my life!

From Gary - Stylelife Participant

I have done a lot of what I would consider to be intense things in my life, but in a way, this beats just about anything I've done, because it is literally changing my own perception of reality and what is really in the realm of possibility for me. I would like to live Stylelife every month.
From Lyle - Stylelife Participant

Neil Strauss has given me a gift of life. I can't describe anything better. Just THANKS.

From Lenny - Stylelife Participant
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