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Mistress Jaiya - World Renowned Somatic Sexologist & Sex Author
My sex life was stuck...
My anxiety was paralyzing me...
And I tried EVERYTHING...

Until I learned how to arouse every inch of the human body with a touch...
It changed everything once I learned the
Sex Secrets of Seduction Masters

Testimonial: Kieran  

"This is only the beginning of my journey to grow into my best self with confidence, courage, and influence. 
I have nothing to be nervous about and with these skills."

Testimonial: Paul

"I'll keep it pretty simple, I've never had or done anything that has changed my world significantly like this has." 

"Jaiya is amazing.  She taught me about spots inside my girlfriend (now wife) that I didn't even know existed."

I Want to Share Something Incredible With You That Changed My Sex Life Forever

The human body has many hot spotslocations that create enormous erotic pleasure when touched.  

Imagine if you had a map to all of those locations

*Would you like to know how to please your sexual partner 100% of the time?

*Do you want to know how to touch her in a way she has never been touched before?

*Have you ever desired to leave someone breathless and begging for more?

The secret is knowing the hot spots and knowing how and when to touch your partner to maximize their pleasure.

Did you know that every person has a specific and special way they like to be touched?

Over 90% of people DO NOT KNOW THIS.

Even fewer know how to do it correctly. 

The problem is that different people like to be touched in different ways.

If you don't know the style of touch your partner likes, then you may have trouble turning them on as they'd like to be.

That's what Jaiya's touch and massage routines do for you automatically.

Instantly discover your partner's ideal touch and turn them on with ease for mind blowing sex...

When Neil wanted to learn these techniques to improve his sex life, he sought out the advice of Mistress Jaiya, an international expert on somatic sexology. 

What she taught him blew his mind and changed his entire perspective on sex.

The best sex is NOT about orgasm...

In fact, what Jaiya teaches you will allow you to keep your partner close to orgasm for multiple HOURS!

Want to MELT her with just your touch?
There are several types of touch that you need to know to be able to please every lover:

Nurturing Touch
Therapeutic Touch
Sensual Touch
Erotic Touch
Energetic Touch

The wrong touch can make things awkward.  But it's not your fault.  You just didn't know what your partner needed. 

Fortunately, Jaiya will teach you exactly how to identify the kind of touch your partner's body will respond to instantly and automatically

And once you've found the right touch...

The MAGIC Happens!
Imagine going home with a sexual partner...

The two of you start to get hot and heavy -kissing, touching- moving towards sex. You notice that your normal techniques aren't doing it for her.

If you're not careful, this is where things can get awkward.  Boring sex can ruin a great night, and leave the both of you disappointed.  She probably won't call back.

However, if you know the 5 types of touch and you know how to determine what kind of touch she likes and where her hot spots are, then you know exactly what to do next.

With a few casual questions, and a slight touch, you know instantly what she likes.  Now is the fun part...

You slowly caress her neck in just the right spot with just the right sensation.  Her body calms and relaxes.  She moves into you wanting more. 

You ask her if she likes it and she groans "yes..."  You know you've got it right and it's going to be a very good night. 

You cover all her hot spots with just the right kind of touch.  You don't even have to ask her to take off her clothes.  They're off as soon as she recognizes the kind of pleasure she's about to have with your massage.

You arouse her entire body with just your hands. She says, "That feels amazing."  

Now you perform a few of the sexual arousal techniques that you learned from Jaiya. Your partner is completely comfortable and experiencing way more pleasure than she ever expected. 

She isn't wondering to herself if you know what you're doing or if you'll be able to please her sexually. She's comfortable and excited.

In short, she's loves it. 

And you are the source of her pleasure. If you try to leave now, she'll beg you to stay. She knows for a fact, that you're sexually compatible. She doesn't want the fun to end!

You both reach the heights of pleasure. On the edge of orgasm for hours and utterly satisfied.

This is the power of the HOT SPOTS!  It's the moment that she's no longer wondering if you might be boring in bed. Now she's excited and thinking that you know the...

Sex Secrets of Seduction Masters

If you've never experienced the pleasure a woman can have when her hot spots are stimulated, or you have trouble turning her on consistently, it means you're not using the right kind of touch for your partner

You haven't found your partner's hot spots.

Remember, hot spots arouse our bodies automatically.  If your partner isn't turned on, then you haven't found it yet.

If you're ready to learn the right way to turn on your partner each and every time, Neil Strauss has you covered.

Neil put the most advanced sexual techniques he learned from Jaiya together into a single Stylelife Academy course, our sexiest course of all time, “Sex Secrets of Seduction Masters.” 

Testimonial: Mac

"Changed my life." 

Testimonial: Mac

"I can't say I've had an experience with such a profound reach... It's the beginning of a new era." 

Become A Master of Sex

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In case you don't remember...
Sex Secrets of Seduction Masters

It is the course that changed everything for thousands couples as they learned for the first time exactly how to turn on their partners each and every time for maximum pleasure.


Sex is a very intimate experience and great sex may forever change your relationships. 

Use these techniques responsibly.

Your sexual partners may become addicted to your touch.

They may start banging down your door for more sex.

You may become their booty call.

The knowledge and techniques you learn in this course may make you irresistible in the bedroom. 

You can't just have the same old sex with your partner and expect the excitement to last very long.  Their body is craving a special kind of touch.

You have to learn the art of sexual hot spots.

That's exactly what this course is going to teach you, and show you how to have an incredible amount of fun doing it.

Sex Secrets of Seduction Masters
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Do You Know Her Hot Spots?

This training will teach you...

Sex Secrets of Seduction Masters

Uncensored Video Series

Inside The Digital Course You'll Learn:

  • Sexual Connection Techniques – this module will show you exactly how to connect with your partner on a much deeper physical and emotional level that will leave her wanting more.
  • How To Find Her Hot Spots – this is the map to every erotic location on a woman’s body, broken down into perfect detail for each type of woman.
  • Sexual Communication – Learn how to talk dirty in a way that will ignite your partner’s kinky inner self.
  • You, Her Sex Tips – tips and tricks for any bedroom adventure.
  • Sex Mastery Exercises – these exercises will take your foreplay and sex to unexplored depths of pleasure.
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These cold routines are what we kindly refer to as "Conversation Magnets".

Techniques that take the conversation from small talk to deep conversation.

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Sex Secrets of Seduction Masters Digital Video Series Also Includes HANDS-ON Demonstrations of the following:
  • Sensual Teasing – how to get her body aroused in new, deeper ways she’ll never forget. 
  • Sexual Anatomy – learn in deep detail every aspect of the female pleasure spots.
  • Vaginal Yoga – ways to get the blood flowing in her special place that you won’t believe.
  • The Tour De France – a massage technique that takes her on a tour of excitement.
  • Rolling, Hooking, Stroking, and Angles – techniques to map her ideal sensual touch.
  • Pleasure Waves – how to take her through the stages of arousal to orgasm.
  • And much more!
  • The Sex Mastery Handbook and Missions
  • BONUS 30-Day Free Trial of The Stylelife Academy *(for new students)
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These are the techniques that changed Neil's sex life FOREVER!

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